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MSD DIS Ignition


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Do you think adding a MSD DIS-4 ignition system would help any?

I know it helps on older cars, but they have a new one for the 'late model' cars like my 99, including coils too. Apparently this igintion goes in line with the stock one, you put little modules under the coils and it intercepts the signal from the stock ignition module and sends it to the MSD DIS box, then it sends the energy out to the coil and control it.. It's also a CD ignition with multiple sparks (below 3000 rpm) yada yada.. Was just curious if there was any advantage to this over the stock GM DIS ignition on the caddy. The only good thing is that you can set timing retards at certain rpm ranges and such but you can't advance it. (plus it has a rev limiter 2 stage, etc.. like we need that :> )

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