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93 DeVille AC - Stalls when coasting


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I just had my ac repaired after a year of sweating - would not engage compressor, no service ac light. Did not switch over to econ mode either. The ac shop replaced the ac compressor relay and evac and recharged the system with F12 (somehow, there was a mix of F12 and R132, I got the car used and never serviced the ac, but it did cool at first) Now the compressor will sometimes not engage unless I turn the system off and then on again. More disturbing, I was driving down the street (apx 20 - 30) and the motor stopped when I was coasting! Started right up, but did this several times. No problem when I put the system on econ. The idle seems a bit low. I remembered on my 89 when I replaced the idle control module the mechanic told me to take it on the road and get it up to 50 so it could "learn." Did this today after the ac guy could find no problem, and it seems OK, but should I be looking for something else?

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