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Z4 BMW, then light turns green


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Coming home from work yesterday evening and pull up to the light with a Z4 next door. There was a couple inside and the guy behind the wheel was peeking around his date trying to catch a look at me. We were moving through traffic together up until this point kinda like cat and mouse. Well the light changes to green, he nails it and gets the jumb, realizing whats happening and thinking of all you guys here on caddyinfo the gear selector goes in 2nd and the right foot to the floor. By the time I'm door to door with him I hit second gear. I not sure of who was more surprised more, him or me. I've never experinced my car shifting that hard into second gear before but at that point I started to pull away. We are rapidly approching the next light and had to hit the brakes, The Z4 changed lanes and made a left, I would like to think that he did not want me to see the look on his face at this point.

I would like to think here's one for the guy who got beat by the Honda. :o

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