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:) Dumb question time 97 DeVille


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Okay just as the title reads, dumb if not stupid question time. I am needing to perform a Tune up on my DeVille. There are a plethora of Spark plugs out there and just want to know what brand or what not I should buy for this fine car. It's been so long since I have had to buy spark plugs and anything for a tune up I am not in the know of these products. So, what should I get? 103007 miles on the car and as momma says the highest price is not always the best.

Thanks y'all!

Sean M.

1997 Cadillac DeVille

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AC Delco 41-950. That is the OEM plug for your car. When I changed my plugs (I also have a DeVille '97), the old ones were 41-947, but 41-950 is what they would put in today if you were to go to a Cadillac dealer to have it done. Anyway, those plugs are platinum tipped - the reason why you can leave them in for 100000 miles.

Good luck!


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