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help me out guys....


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this spring I changed the heatercore because i started to leak and it was water on the passanger floor and it fogged up my windows,,,so I bought a new one and replaced it myself,,It was working fine until a few days ago when it started to fog up on only half of the window...then I saw a couple of drops on the floor,,,not as much as it was the first time but a few drops only...can it be so bad quality on a new heatercore??....I wounder if i shall take a chance and put som pellets just to se if it seals up or do you have some other ways... Ive checked today if Ill could se were it comes from bu i dident se anythin,,,now its almost no warm air so if its gonna rain im gonna be blind in there...sorry about my poor english

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You didn't mention where you got the replacement heater core. Some non-OEM replacement parts are of a really poor quality. You could try using the pellets, of course, but I question of their durability, under load, trying to seal an existing leak. I've had precious little luck over the years trying to patch over a problem. You might try yet another replacement using OEM parts.




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