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i have a vinal top. a few weeks ago my emblem was ripped off cut off with a nife i was wondering if thier is any way i can repair it to look half way decent cheap intead of dropping hundreds of dollars for having the whole right side of my to replaced. in addition to my 98 eldo i aldo have a 92 but it is totaled my 92 has a rag top also and i was planning on taking the emblem from that rag top.

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The vinyl top might be partially-repaired (like the vinyl seats in other cars).

Some upholstery shops may be able to help. A Caddy Dealer or body shop might be much more expensive than what you have in mind.

I think the repair goes like this:

First, a vinyl hole is fixed by first supporting the underside ( mesh - for a seat-tear for example). Your'e roof should very easy, since it does not flex like a seat.

Next, the patch is carefully fit and not stretched too much.

Last, it is heat-melted at edge-seams with a small bead of liquid vinyl (plastic).

The problem will be an exact color-match, but the grain should be ok.

Good luck

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