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Update Door lever and Seatbelt


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Thought I would give an update on my earlier post.

Brought my car (99STS) to the local Caddy dealership where I had previously been gouged on a Power Window and Regulator replacement. Cost 700 Cnd. It turns out they miss alligned the linkage rods for the inside door lever when they r/r'd the window motor and regulator.

To my amazement they fixed the door at no cost...I'm now glad I couldn't find the time to look at this myself.

The seatbelt that broke on the exact same day as the door lever turned out to be a peice of plastic had broken off the release button and got stuck in the linkage some how. $35..My first pleasant visit to a dealership in an awful long time until they charged me an hours labour to check a code that I had already given them.(RC1761). They went on to tell me the the right front Rotary Position Sensor was shorted duh..

At least they verified that the strut was OK. To replace the sensor 377 cdn for the sensor alone... 170US @ gmparts direct.

Is this worth replacing or should I just live with the code and the annoying Service Suspension message everytime the key is engaged. Is there a way to bypass this sensor.

Somewhat happier Caddy owner this morning.

Thanks to everyone for your helpful suggestions.


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