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a/c compressor pulley


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Changed my ac compressor brg. $25.00 yesterday per instructions in archive. Removed clutch with special tool $34.00 at napa. removed c-clip, useing a puller (I had) to remove pully bearing assembly. Went shopping for a made in usa bearing, hard to find! Southwest Bearing here in town had one. It was not marked on the bearing and the parts man was not sure! anyway it was the same brand as the one that came out skf. The bearing was staked in the pully, Napa charged me $15.00 to install (wanted $25 but because I bought the special tool gave me $10.00 off) (Would have bought napas brg. but it was made in china) Napa could not guarentee their work because the brg was not secured by a c-clip, they used lock tight when installing. Installed pulley brg. assembly on shaft using special tool. One problem with this is that the special tool bottoms out with about 3/16 of a inch or so to go, took the old bearing apart and made a spacer with the inner race, worked great. Installed the c-clip and using the special tool installed the clutch. Clutch has a key way with a key on it dont lose it. There wasnt a nut on the compressor shaft. NOISE was gone! the only noise now is from both idler brgs. I spun them while I had the belt off and they were rough. My questions are will the bearing stay in the pully with only the use of locktite and is the nut on the compressor a must. Also what are the pros and cons of installing a new pulley clutch assembly Part no. 15-4615 thanks in advance Mike

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