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ABS Traction Control Service stability system Light On


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ABS traction control service stability system lights came on after going to my car to leave a mall, ive had the lights come on before, Then all of a sudden they go off and stay off for maybe 2 weeks or more then come back on. Ive replaced a coroded termanal to the abs module, and the ground termanal seems to be coroded too. I havent replaced the ground termanal due to lack of a place to work on it. Its a 98 STS It hasnt effected the drivabilty as far as i can tell, The lights are just more of a nusaince then anything. The code i get off of it is C1242 - Pump Motor Circuit Open (high resistance in the motor) Im not much of an electrical guy so if anyone has had this problem and fixed it or has an idea what to do, I would greatly appreciate your replies.

Also my father said i have some sort of a tail light out in the back he noticed following me down while moving, Could this have anything to do with it or do you think its just a standard blown bulb and such.

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