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A 1992 Seville STS from south of France

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My name is Wilfrid,

I am a very happy french Cadillac Owner :D

My car is 1992 Cadillac Seville STS, I bought it to its first owner.

The interior is black, black leather, carpets, and original floor mats, in very good condition.

The paint is dark grey.

It is a european model, delivered new in Belgium, so it came to the south of France with its first owner.

I bought it in october 2008, he wanted to sell it, because he ordered a new Cadillac at his dealer.

My car has 273 000 km = 170 625 miles, everything runs well, the gearbox has been replaced by an original " Goodwrench",

I replaced injectors, ignition coil, plugs, fuel and air filter because sometimes I have a problem : it doen't run well sometimes.

Now I know how to read the defaults...

The error code is 046 : right/left fuel imbalance, I ordered a fuel regulator, i am waiting it in my letter box :D

I discovered your forum by my search on Google last week, and I am very glad :)


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