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Replaced both shift solenoids, all parts included, same problem??

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when i removed the pan one solenoid was cracked in the plastic, i replaced them both. Also i put in the bracket to hold the screen in place, and new tubular filter. i drove the car and it shifted to second beautifully, then went right back into limp mode! now it stuck back in limp mode and wont shift at all except that very first time it shifted. same code - 29, 62 . What could be the problem?? this is crazy

im just curious, but when you turn the key part forward should both solenoids click? if they both should, then where would i go from there to fix it?

how can you check the wires with a meter if both dont get power when partially turning the key?

thanks so much, ill be checking constanly, biting my nails and scratching my head until i can get this figured out.

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