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1994 Cadillac DeVille Concours, 122K

My engine doesn't crank at all. No starter click or sound. Only sound I hear is the fuel pump humming for a few seconds when the key is on the on position. So far I know of is:

*Haven't start the car for couple of month. Started when last started

*New battery were install, tried jumping start it also

*Fuse is all working

*When using OBD on the instrument cluster nothing come on. Just blank,

even the climate control became blank after the OBD test until exit

*Fuel read "E" when I know I had a full tank.

*Should the security light on the instrument panel cluster still blink when the ignition in on the "on" position?

*Used spare key tocheck if it was a bad "key chip", nothing change

Could this be an ignition switch problem?



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