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99 concours cooling fans not working


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Hi new here, great site, have fixed a few things here in the past using the search but I am stumped on this one.

My 99 concours has been sitting through the winter because of a deer hit. (drove it with a busted grill and head light till the inpection ran out so none of the problems are from the deer hit). I did all the body work and got it all back together now my fans are not working. I put the AC on and it threw the P1660 code. The fans were not on. I checked the ground on the rad suport on the left it was good. I switched the small AC relay with the fuel pump relay and nothing. I jumped into the orange wire from the AC relay and the fans ran (I think on low speed). I jumped out the temp sending unit and they didn't run.

So what next? The fan relays in the front should be good if they ran when I jumped the AC relay? Shouldn't they run when I jumped the temp sending unit? I was thinking a mouse got to a wire so I checked the computer and the wires there look good but it is hard to check the harness on thes cars. I got a price of $120 for a computer should that be the next thing?

Thanks for any help. I mainly do body work but I can turn a wrench and use a volt meter.

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