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windows won't work - need online wiring diagram

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all 4 windows on our 98 seville have crapped out. am overseas with no available dealer, so am seeking online diagram for the wiring so can fix it. exchange rate prohibitive, so as free as possible would be great!



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Welcome aboard, John. I expect you are in New Zealand(?).

Good luck finding an on-line version of the complete wiring diagram; the Service Manual schematic diagrams require 22 pages to cover all the functions (windows, locks, mirrors, door ajar switch) for all four doors.

I can tell you this much for a domestic US model.

In the underseat fuse panel there is a 10A fuse labeled DRVMDL and a 30A circuit breaker labeled PWR WDO.

System control starts at the LF door and uses the window switches and the door modules to interface with the window motors.

The window switches tell the door module logic which direction to move the glass. The door module controls the motor current.


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