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Rotten service at Stratstone Cadillac

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As my Caddy was up for its 36mile service I decided to point out to Stratstone in Birmingham the corrosion that I had found on three of the four wheels. This was certainly something that should be covered by the 3-year/60k mile warranty... or so I thought.

I spoke to the Service Manager and was told the corrosion was from stone chips! Gonads. I pointed out that the majority of the corrosion was spanning out from the inner hub.

The reason for my post is that the Service Manager told me that the importer had gone into receivership and as such he couldn't get replacements. Has anyone heard of this? He told me that he would contact me three weeks later when the Cadillac Claims Manager was visiting the service centre, to get approval to get the wheels refinished (although he said I woud have to pay for one of them as I had a slight scrub on it from catching a kerb). Well, that was over six weeks ago now and I still have not heard anything.

To top it all, the driver seat lumbar support just went 'ping' when I was pulling away from my house. I am still well within warranty, but the service is so attrocious at the Stratstone garage, I'm put off from making a claim. Maybe that is what the Service Manager was hoping for...

Has anyone else had problems with making warranty claims through Stratstone in Birmingham?

If so, how have you overcome them without going to arbitration or a solicitor?

I could really do with some advice here... .. .

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