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Need Rear Armrest Cupholder for 2005 DeVille


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Hello All!

First day here - Thanks for having me! My rear cupholder - the one that flips out of the armrest in the back seat - conveniently snapped off over the weekend. Does anyone know of a source for "cheap" replacement parts like this? I called around locally and the newest DeVille they have is a '98 - pretty sure that won't work. Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion, I'd certainly welcome it. Thanks Much!!


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JP, not sure if you are looking for this anymore, but my son ripped mine out last summer. I took some molding nails and drilled holes that diameter where the little nubs go on that cupholder and super glued them in sticking out as deep as the nubs originally did. I then used a pair of side cutters to cut the remaining nail sticking out the other end and put it back in. My son can now yank and the darn thing and not break it. I have not asked him to test it, however.

My two cents on this.


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