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Looks like I need new struts


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I looks like I need new struts. When I turn I'm still getting a nasty grinding/thumping sound that I can't pinpoint. The sound is coming from both sides. Here is a breakdown of what I have done/checked:

1. Checked the rack to check to see if it's loose--but no bolts are missing that I can see.

2. Checked ball joints. They seem fine. When I replaced strut mount I had to remove the strut and I check the ball joint for play and there was none.

3. Replaced the right strut mount and bearing. Upon inspection, the original looked to be fine. The new bearing did not help.

4. Replaced the right inner tie rod, which needed to be replaced. Left rod seems fine.

5. Replaced both outer tie rods.

6. Replaced sway bar bushings.

7. Replaced Control Arm rod bushings.

8. I installed a new right side hub/bearing assembly-the left side seems to be fine.

I'm thinking it could be the steering "Intermediate Shaft", but I'm not sure where it is--do I access it from the inside of the cabin or is it outside? But then again, the problem is to pronounced and the grinding and clunk seem to be emanating from both sides. I tend to believe the Intermediate Shaft is fine? Also, there is obvious movement/play when turning and when I accelerate there is clunking.

At this point I'm thinking it's time to replace the struts. After all, they have almost 130K miles on them. My questions are:

1. Should buy passive or electronic struts?

2. Are passive struts just as good as the OEM electronic struts?

3. Anyone have either Arnott or Suncore struts or should I go with GM's passive struts?

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