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Action Auto Wreckers (Northstar Engines)

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Seems a little steep to be honest, As I recall you can pick up used (non-rebuilt) N* for $500-$800. U-wrench-it salvage yards actually sell the N* for the same amount as any other V8 ($200 or less). Only problem is people tear them out within minutes of the car being dropped in the yard. Actually met the guy who gets most of them, said he will he swap one for $1500 (he has someone who works for the yard call him an hour before there putting a N* Caddy out..Told me he gets every N* that comes in). Got to talking with him and he mentioned that he once accidentally swapped a VIN Y Engine with a VIN 9 Tranny (or vice-versa). He said it ran fine, however the CEL was constantly on and it would peel rubber all the way through 3rd gear :lol:


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