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Where to find used parts for my 99 Seville STS?

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I'm writing from Sweden (so sorry for my spelling) and I have some trouble finding a left side mirror. My car was hit by someone/something when it was parked and the left side mirror is broken, not only the glass but the whole mirror has snapped. So my question is if there is somewhere in the US where I can shop online for a cheap mirror that can be shipped to Sweden, if it´s a used one doesn´t mather. The problem is that the Seville is kind of a rare car here in Sweden so there aren't many used parts to find. And a new one costs about 2000$ which is kind of heavy for me right now.

My car has all option (I think there are 3 posible that can be different for the mirrors) it's a 99 Dark Blue Seville.

Any help is welcome!

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Hello Jocce,

And Greetings from Finland!/Hälsningar från Finland! There are a couple sites from where I have bought some parts for my -98 STS. http://www.newgmparts.com and http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/raframecatalog.php The bigger problem is how much they will cost, because Sweden has it´s own currency. For me the parts were fairly cheap due to the rate of Euro. There are also taxes, duty and transporting to pay.

Hope you still manage to get your mirrow with some reasonable cost. :rolleyes:

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Hey Jocce,

There is a place in Colorado that only deals in used Caddy parts. It's a big used Caddy junk yard called Arapahoe Auto Salvage. I don't think they have a web site, but their number is 303-781-0875 or 303-781-2238.

They should have anything you need.

A bit of advice; make sure you know exactly what you need when/if you call. Thay can be impatient at times. :rolleyes:

When I was in their shop, I saw a shelf of about 30 mirrors. I am pretty sure I saw at least a couple in dark blue. :D

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