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HELP Please!! Electronic Drain


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I have a 97 Deville that i recently put a new heatercore in the battery was disconnected for about a week than flashed right up when i reconnected after finishin the job and reconnectin all wires etc. I also realised the harness for the speakers behind the rear seat was disconnected and i have not been using speakers other than my 6x9 in the back wired to my deck and i wired up all the door speakers a year ago wondering why they didnt work now that i seen that unplugged made total sense. so i plugged it back in and i can hear the speakers static so i just have to get a 4 channel amp and set that all up, but for now iv jus been disconnecting the harness like before when i bought the car but now the battery seems to drain if i unplug the speaker harness and if i plug it in cause the static doesent stop even when car is off thru the door speakers because the rca cable is just hanging. SO What im asking is, how can i find where a drain would be i have no idea where to stat if this harness problem is related or what. help would be much appreciated

Thanks Tom

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