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Does anyone have a good source for the 6 disc CD cartridge? My dealer wants $50 !! It is for my 2001 STS.



2001 STS with NAV

1994 BMW 850Ci

1993 GMC Typhoon

1988 Fiero waiting for a Northstar

1988 Toyota Supra Turbo "slightly" modified

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I have 4 of them. I went to my local mobile one auto sound store. You can go to any car radio store and show them your cartridge. It was made by Panasonic i believe. They had a few laying around and sold me 2 for about $20 dollars and then i returned my cd player to the dealer for repair and got it back with a cartridge. Thats how i ended up with 4. They do not sell this cd changer anymore so it might be hard to find. I bought mine about 3 years ago for my 2000 STS.

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