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i'm having so many problems with my drivers side window regulator, so far i've replaced the regulator twice, and replaced the motor another time. And I went to the wreckers and came across another one (that I was hoping to use as a replacement) and it had the same problem as mine -top white pully broken away-, wtffffffffffffffffffffffffff

is anyone else having this much trouble with the *smurf* power windows?


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when i bought my used 99 sts the passenger front window didn't work. same problem, broken pulley on top. cable derailed on the spool and wadded up. I went to the salvage yard and got a chrysler regulater (junk) unriveted? the pulley and adapted it to my regulater. went to ace and bought bulk cable, and ends (different syle but worked) replaced the cable and it worked twice before it derailed again!! finally figured out the springs were weak and the slack was causing the derailing when changing directions. stretched out the old springs and it has worked now for 6 months or so :)

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