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81 Fleetwood Hearse - options


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This is the 64$ question. I want to keep it as a hearse, but have a seat that I can fold out for passengers. Front bench only sits two adults, and an uber-skinny person or child in the middle. Seriously. It's like 10 inches wide. Who is that small?

Anyway, this topic made me wonder who sells aftermarket and options equipment for commercial chasis?

Thanks All,


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additional: For those who care or are curious.

I'm getting a carbon/graphite steel reinforced granite slab for the back of the hearse. They said they can split it for a folding bench seat, no problems. They'll raise the level an inch or two if necessary to make it fit correctly. Rollers and all! The original rollers look pretty cheap so I'm going with Brass. Any ideas?

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