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Hello all,

I want to put a rear deck spoiler on my 1996 STS. I have seen a few 96-98's sporting some tight fitting low profile oem looking spoilers. However when inquiring the dealership about spoilers for these years I was informed they did not have an optional spoiler for those years. So my questions are: What was the first year a spoiler was available for an STS, and who in everyone's opinion has the best oem looking spoiler to fit on a 1996 Seville STS? Thanks in advance for everyone's suggestions and info.

I also have this thread posted in custom, mods. and personalization forum.

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A stock spoiler for the STS was introduced for the 2005 model year, which is when GM redesigned the STS as a rear wheel drive sedan. You won't find a spoiler manufactured by or for GM as a stock spoiler before 2005. All spoilers before 2005 are strictly aftermarket. However, I have searched the Internet for spoilers for a '96 STS and couldn't find any. Chances are you will have to have one custom made.

As far as what looks good, I don't think the wing-like spoilers that are high off the trunk look good. He is an Eldorado with a spoiler. I don't think I would go any more radical than this one.

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