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Sparkplugs and Wires ?


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48000 miles on my 96 STS. Are there any benifits in upgrading to aftermarket plugs and wires. I asked the Tech were I have had somework done and he says that Northstars can be difficult and would only change them if there is a problem. He also so told me he would only use delco plugs and wires.

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Bronson, the original plugs are good for 100,000 miles, many here have pulled them and they have looked good way beyond 100,000 miles. With regard to the wires, it depends of how they look if you ask me. If they are suffering arching at many locations maybe it would be time to replace them, look them over. A good trick is to park the car in a very dark location and lift the hood, it has to be very dark. With the engine running (watch out for moving parts) stare deep into the engine at various locations and see if you see any obvious arching, if you want to get adventurous, fill a spray bottle with water and lightly spray the wires and repeat the watching them in the dark test.

I guess it really depends on how your car is running but I think at your low mileage you 'should' be ok. One thing though, I dont think you will find better performance than the the OEM AC/DELCO plugs and wires they are made for your car. While some have had success with other brands (Bosch, etc), I'd stick with the AC/DELCO, Mike

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