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Stainless Fuel Rail Just Installed On my 96 STS

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I just had the updated stainless steel fuel rail installed by Patrick Cadillac of Schaumburg, IL. I had a pinhole leak between injector #2 and the ground wire. The fuel was wetting just behind the PS pump onto the plastic wire snake. The repair cost me $668.19 and I am just finishing putting my papers together for reimbursment from GM. The GM customer service rep I am dealing with on the phone pretty much came right out and said that he expects I will be reimbursed 100%. A word of warning though. If you have the repair done, be sure to have the dealer's mechanical diagnosis confimation before they do the repair. My rep made it clear that THEY have to say that the leak is coming from the nylon rail, not YOU. Patrick pulled a fast one on me and would not change the receipt to say that they saw the leak even after I agreed to let them diagnos it because they said I would get the fee applied to the cost of the repair if I had them do the repair. Before they did the repair they called me and I said ok, do it. When I picked up the car and after a half hour heated discussion with them trying to get them put on the receipt that they diagnosed the repair, not me, I left and got on the phone with GM. It appears to me that I will be getting 100% reimbursement, but I will see.

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