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wire wheels

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hello there, Im in the process of getting new shoes for my sts 99. I have an offer on LA wire wheels in gold and chrome 17" for about 850$ from dynamicwheels.com

these are knock offs, does anyone have any good or bad experiences with wire wheels, i also have an offer on VAULT estrella model in chrome for about 950$. What would you guys go with??.

I do think the wire wheels will look good on the car and give it the more lowrider/gangster style.

Please drop any thoughts




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i like wires, just not gold. i'd look for some silver (preferably 18s on a big body) or the chrome ones. Just one mans opinion tho... good luck

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I saw chrome wire wheels yesterday on a newer Camaro and they are REALLY REALLY cool looking and I thought of this post. There were a lot of spokes in it, not what I expected. Very sharp looking wheel.

WHen I was I kid the first car I can remember was our 54 Packard Carabean, that had wire wheels but not as many spokes. See this photo of THOSE wire wheels, Mike


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