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'97 DeVille Maxi Fuse or Relay


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I had the interior lights (courtesy and map) and the cig lighters all go out at the same time. I checked and swapped fuses in the engine compartment fuse blocks for these circuits, but suspect that there is a maxi fuse or relay that feeds those fuses on the block since they all went out together. I inspected the Maxi Fuses and even switched them around (same ratings different spots). That made me think that perhaps there is a relay. There are descriptions on the std fuse blocks, but not so much on the maxi block.

(1) Is there a relay that controls interior lights and cig lighters?

(2) Is a continuity test sufficient backup to a visual inspection to ensure a maxi fuse isn't blown?

I love this old car, but electrical gremlins can be a downer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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