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Gas ate the MAP


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The manifold with gas caused the top of the MAP sensor to puff up, split and a chunk fell out, I can see the green circuit board. Is this safe to use or should I replace it? I just bought it about a year ago. I first bought a new one at the dealership which turned out to be bad in about two weeks (I still have it) and the one in there now I bought at Autozone. Any way I can find out if the OEM one is any good. I hate to put it back in and have it crap out again, it was about double the price of OEM and it turned out to be junk!



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My only issue is the last OEM MAP sensor I bought was defective, I then bought an aftermarket and it has worked fine. Obviously the gas in the manifold was the reason for the rubber covering to fail, but it still works. It is hard for me to go back to the dealer and say "I guess I will spend another $70 for an OEM MAP sensor and hopefully it will last more than 2 weeks?" or go to Autozone and get an aftermarket for $35? I will check but I believe the OEM is made similar to the aftermarket with the rubber covering.

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