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Hi, I have a 2001 STS UK model and I'm having problems with my electrics. My driver seat heater relay clicks and the heater doesn't work. Any tips, ideas, solutions please. I want to try and avoid going to a dealer as they are thin on the ground in the UK and charge what they like for work, usually the sort of figures that would settle most national deficits!!!


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You will find four 10A seat heater fuses in the fuse/relay box under the rear seat bottom cushion; they are labeled as HTDST followed by LF, RF, LR, RR.

By far the majority of seat heater problems are the result of failed heating elements (calrod) inside the bottom and back cushion of the seat. If you could find the specific Service Manual for your year model on eBay, your diagnostic chores would be simplified. And diagnosing exactly which heater element has failed is worth doing (the elements are operated in series).

As GM and others work through their current management created cash flow problems, all of us will be watching dealerships disappear.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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