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fuel injectors

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i'm going to get new fuel injectors before i put my new engine back together. i've read that the factory injectors are weak, and that 19# 5.0/5.7 tpi chevy injectors are a direct replacement, with little or no perforamce gained... kinda a cheap stock replacement. well, on my new engine, i've got accel cap/rotor, external coil, msd spiral wires, 2.5" throughout magnaflow exhaust, and will fab and install an intake similar to illuminas and some others using k&n cone.


these injectors are 21# (@40 psi). first of all, do you think they'd fit? i think with the other minor upgrades, a bump in fuel might not hurt. maybe just not gap the plugs quite as much to make a hotter spark to keep things clean? maybe add to fuel regulator to turn down if it proved to be too much fuel?

i'd really like to buy some tonight, so i can get my new motor back together and plugged in!

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