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99 seville sts... $3000 cdn

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1999 seville sts that I have owned for 2.5 years and put less than 15000 kms on it since, it has 220,000. Antifreeze was replaced by me when i got the car...

I just drove this car to myrtle beach, 3000 km's round trip and it ran good, expect for no cruise control (gets a p0503 vss error), and did a oil change before I left. Has a class 2 trailer hitch. Bose stereo system with 6 disc cd changer.


power steering main line leaks

drivers side heated seat doesn't work

has some scratches on the exterior, its not perfect

gets code p0503 even though i changed the VSS (only really effects cruise control)

Battery goes dead if it sits for 3 or 4 days, I believe its a radio drain, I do not have the motivation to find it. It is fine if you drive it everyday/other day. It needs a new battery as this has killed the OEM battery, it will come with a crappy tire sure start.

passenger side window switch needs replacing, I have one, but its the wrong color.

Missing passenger door trim from the bottom of the door on the outside.

(i am sure there is some more small stuff, but I can not remember)

Car comes as-is as it may need a pair of tires, maybe more? but for the low price of $3000 cdn! You fix, you save! :)

I will be more than happy to answer any specific questions, or check something specifically, ill be more than happy too...

I will consider parting the car if someone wants to buy engine/transmission, as stated the engine runs great, only issue with the trans is something is causing P0503 vss error (might not be trans though!) $1500


more photos at http://v3rn.dyndns.org/sts2/


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