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1997 Deville Codes


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O.K. I need help fast.

I am about to buy a 1997 Deville w/70,000 miles

I am pretty sure about the codes that come up but I would like a second opinion.

P0340 - Current

Camshaft Position Sensor - I should replace sensor and all will be fine

P0404 & P0603 - Both History

P0404 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Open Position Performance

P0603 Control Module Long Term Memory Reset

I assume it was fixed and reset.

B1348 Very Low A/C Refrigerant Pressure

Current - Need a charge. Says so in the DIC.

C1241 Variable Effort Steering Circuit Malfunction.

C1255 EBCM Internal Malfunction

These two are current and the DIC says Service Steering System. I believe that the Power Steering Idle switch is to blame because the engine doesn't idle up when you cut the wheel to either side.

Any help or past experience with these codes will be of great assistance to me.

P.S. I took a road test and the car felt great, the engine wasn't 100% because of the CMP sensor but I understand why.

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