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Resetting system shift points

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Can anyone tell me how I can make my car forget how I drive it to reset it to learn all over again?

lately my mpg avg has been ify at best and I am thinking it is the way I use to drive it before currant gas issues.

have change the way I drive and would like to see if car can learn the new way so that maybe my milage might go up a little i am getting combined hwy/city around 18 I know that the car can do better than that it has been as low as 14 I have a 05 DTS can anyone help?

Would disconnecting the Batt do it and if so for how long before it would lose its mem.



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The PCM knows all and tells the transmission when to do what.

All the various inputs to the PCM are continuously changing; vehicle speed, gear selected, engine RPM, throttle valve position, braking action, and on and on. There is nothing to reset. It is all dynamic data gathered in real time and only used for those conditions. There is no reason to store it.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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