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Suspension replacement

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I need to replace the front struts, and rear shocks in my 92 DeVille. Obviously, the car has SSS, but I would like to replace with lower cost aftermarket air shocks and struts. Suggestions? I have replaced the rears twice now, and they keep blowing out :angry: , causing the suspension compressor to run almost constantly.

Any help is appreciated. Have a great day.


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I recently replaced the front struts on my 93 Eldo with 148k miles with passive struts from Strutmaster. I pick them up on E-Bay for $140 delivered. This will cause the service ride control message to be displayed on the DIC. There has been a lot on this subject in the past. Search the archives. Someone else used the GM replacement part which ran about $360 each. An alignment will run you about another $60 to $70. While your in there it would also be a good time to check the stabilizer links and the sway bar and control arm bushings.

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