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gorund wires

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I have reason to believe that the stealership i visited a while back deliberately snipped or damaged my ground wires when I was in for a quick check-up...well 4 months later and it caught up with me...dont ask how or why i suspect the "stealership", just take my word for it

Anyway where can I get new ones? And how much should I expect to pay? I plan to install myself

BTW Car likes to start when it wants to :rolleyes:

so I’m using the Silverado until I can resolve this problem…I really don’t mind, nothing like V8 & RWD :P

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Do a search for part #12157208 on the main page in the corner @ gmpartsdirect.com.   ;)

no parts were found :unsure:

Don't include the # . 12157208 :)

:D you got me...

So its def the negative cable wires? Is this something i should do myself or should i pay someone else o do it...thanks BTW ;)

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