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Fuel rail/flooded manifold update


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I barred the engine over on the crankcase pulley and it went in both directions with just a few lbs of resistance so I guess it is not siezed. Now, my problem is how and where is the fuel rail leaking. It was at the shop for two weeks and the guy could not start it for another two, back to my house it was towed and, of course, the manifold is filled with gas again!!! I did notice that the MAP sensor rubber that protects the sensor was expanded and cracked, probably from gas, which lead me to inspect the underside of the manifold cover. It appears that the leak may be coming from the FPR as the gas is spewing out which is how it got onto the MAP sensor (which is above the fuel rail) and caused the deterioration. Can the FPR leak that much where it would flood the manifold??? When I was first diagnosing the problem the FPR did not appear to be leaking, I will test it again. Do I need to by a new MAP Sensor??

Thanks for the help


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I just had my wife energize the fuel pump. It is not the FPR, it is leaking where the fuel rail starts to get the fuel from under the manifold. Does anyone have the fuel rail part number for my 93 STS? It appears I will have to put in a new one.


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I don't have a number, but it will cost about $210 at:

GM Parts Zone Online

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