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Chopper in my dash

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Hey all,

Recent probs with AC system: Cools fine, blows fine, but when I accellerate hard (above 3200 RPM), the dash vents cut out and hardly any air at all flows into the cabin. Worse, when I accellerate up a hill, there is a terrible rattling in the dash, it sounds a little like the Captain America Chopper from "Easy Rider". After I crest the hill, the fan works just fins again...until I hit 3200 RPM.

I am baffled. Any help?

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I believe the AC vents are controlled by vaccum servos.

You may want to check for a loose or leaky vac hose.

When the throttle plate opens (in your case around 3,200 rpm or noticed other engine loads), there is less maniffold vac to operate the servos. The engine is basically an air pump and when the inlet valve is open more to the manifold, there is less manifold vac. Note, some of these terms may not apply to fuel injectors, but the concept still holds (sucks actually).

I do not know if the vac (usually measured as minus inches of water) can be displayed on the dash to verify any relationship. However, you can install an inexpensive vac gauge in the system (where is another story).

Good luck !

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