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Fuel Pump question

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Using GMPartsDirect.com I got a part# of 25163464 for the fuel pump. Cost + shipping was $87.70

Everywhere else I aw getting quoted for the fuel sender module (GM# 25029982, AC/Delco# 43-911).

Dealer Cost: $425.25

Other online dealers: ~$215.00

I just replaced the A/C clutch, added 1lb of refridgerant, and replaced the metal cooling line that wraps around the back of the engine, new plugs and fuel filter (started missing a bit, and I'm at 194,000 on this baby) in the past two weeks. I'm out of spending money.

Can anyone tell me if the part# above is the correct one for replacing just the fuel pump? Looking in the shop repair manual that I can replace the fuel pump in the module, and not need to order the whole module.

Looking for advice, consensus, confirmation. Any help appreciated.


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The pump hasn't completely failed, I am replacing because the engine is stalling, and I only get 10lbs at the rail. Fuel filter has been replaced. Book says there should be 40lbs static, and the fault-tree lead me to the pump.

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