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Coolant Passage Gasket

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I really need some help here, I have this problem. My car has started leaking coolant and I have taken everything apart to find the leak. The leak seem to be where the coolant passage that leads to the both of the heads and there is a Plastic Gasket that look it has chip. I was wonder could that be the cause of the leak. The car leaks the fluid on the driver side on the back side of the engine. So I do think it the gasket the leads to the head but what do you guys think. Thanks

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Start by checking the bolts, a little tightening may stop the leak.

Check the four screw clamps that clamp the two 5/8" heater hoses to the metal extensions. They are hard to see but they are there, and can leak under pressure.

If the water crossover needs to be removed you can do it. It is kind of a pain to get at a couple of the bolts. Perhaps the bigger pain is keeping the new gaskets in place when sliping the crossover back on. No shortcuts that I know of, just patience. You will need to replace all four gaskets if you remove this crossover.


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