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Cleaning corrosion? Whew!

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I'm in the process of replacing my Northstar water pump and thermostat.

I got the old pump and thermostat out. There is quite a bit of black deposit corrosion in the w/p housing, where the tangs engage the pump. I'm trying my best to get it out, with wooden and plastic sticks, (even tried gentle brushing with a toothbrush type brass wire). I still can't get most of it off - it's harden quite bad.

Is there a better way? Should I just go ahead and install the new water pump and be done with it? Thanks.

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Scraping with a screwdriver will not hurt anything there. You can also scrub quite freely with the brass cleaning brush. Discoloration will not hurt anything, just get off any surface deposits.

Make sure to scrape the O-ring groove clean.


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Thanks, Growe3

I cleaned it the best I could. (Actually until I tired of doing anymore). It was reasonably cleaned of surface deposits. I put in the new water pump and thermostat, buttoned everything up and refilled with 50/50 and Bars Leak, test drove it. Everything is fine.

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