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Electrical Problems?????


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This is my first Cadillac and I must say that I have enjoyed this vehicle since I do about 55,000 km a year. The ride is great!

However, I am getting quite a bit of noise which to me sounds electrical coming from behind the glove compartment. When I use my signals, it matches time. When the car is warming up, it makes funny sounds.

Not sure what this is as I am not gifted in the mechanics area.

I would be very grateful if someone could give me their thoughts on this so when I got to get it fixed I can narrow down the issue for the mechanics.

Kindest regards

Barry :blink:

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I've fixed many Chevrolet Blazers with this condition by installing a new turn signal switch. The contact inside the switch short out which cause the signal flasher to activate, but it doesn't complete any lamp circuits, so no lights flash.

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