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It's Alive again


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Lawrence, Guru and all who have read any of the posts regarding the upgrading of a pre-96/97 to work in my 97 STS. I got it running again late Friday night after more fun..... :unsure: The donor engine I had obviously had been setting for a number of years before I got it but everything looked new on it.

So on friday I am ready to fire it, leave to power connector off the coil pack and spin it for 30 sec's. Connect the power lead to the coil pack, turn the key on and off a half dozen times to make sure I have all the air purged out of the fuel system and start cranking........ nothing :huh:

Then I go through checking all the fluids as it's running SOP. I changed my converter to a 3K Yank and replaced my internally exploded air conditioning compressor with a new one.

Got the hood back on yesterday with the help of the GF and took it for a ride. I can tell you it doesn't have any carbon build-up yet and I certainly exercised the rings :rolleyes: The converter helped get the car moving from a stop but not as much as I figured it would compared to the change it made in my Impala SS. It helped in the step on the gas to get around the person in front of you area though.. by a bunch. I also altered my cam timing some.... at 4000 RPM this thing acts like you just hit the nitrous button and pulls very hard until the upshift. If you do it in 1st and let the computer do the up shift it lights the tires up in 2nd gear. Didn't let it run out in 2nd until the 3rd gear shift yet to see how the car reacts yet.... but I will.

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