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:( About a week ago my '99 STS startd to do crazy things in the morning.The first 15 minute ride othe day I get all kind messages,




AND OTHERS, plus the radio turns on and off the windows won't work you get uncoditioned air and light turn on and off and other things. After a 15 minute ride it goes great every thing normal.

I have checked electrical connections, computer plug connectionwas blowed clean and now don't what to check. I am impaired and need this car daily. I would appreciate any help or sugestions.



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It could be a few things that cause this.Maybe it's a module or it could be the inst. cluster itself. I have an 01 deville and my cluster was acting up throwing all kinds of messages and the gauges were goofy too. Mine turned out to be the cluster itself it was covered under the warranty It sounds like it's not holding the codes mine would be fine after driving a few minutes then on restart it would act up for about 10 to 15 minutes then be fine Every restart it would do something else too..

Good Luck


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