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Radiator Drain Plug/Purge Surge Tank

Vince P

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1994 Seville 147,000 miles


There has been a lot of discussion on this board on how difficult it is to remove the drain plug from the radiator. I found it a very easy job.

What makes it easy is the removal of the air filter housing. This gives very easy access to the plug.

1. There is one clip that detaches it from its mount

2. Loosen the two clamps that connect the filter housing to the throttle body

3. Snap out the air intake on top of the air tubing

4. Rotate the air filter housing and remove it

Now you have access to the drain plug, which is located under the transmission cooler tubing, connected to the radiator

The drain plug is a plastic disk about 1.25 inches in diameter. The center of the disk has a projection that is 1/8 inch x 1/8 inch. Rotate this about 2 turns.

If fluid does not come out, there is a large rubber disk infront of the plug, that may be stuck to the radiator. Get the overflow hose, connected to the surge tank and blow through it. This will create pressure on in the cooling system.

If this does not work, unscrew the cooling plug. It has a fine thread that has to be turned about 10 times. Suggestion, glue the rubber seal to the plug. This will make it easy to remove in the future.

Draining the surge tank

Do not put your mouth over the radiator cap opening.

Put your hand over the cap opening, then blow through the overflow hose.

Warning: Look at the routing of the oveflow hose. You do not want it near any moving parts.

Final suggestion; Get rid of the original radiator cap. It is very difficult to turn. It seems to be made very cheaply.

Vince P

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