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Ignition lock woes


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This is really just an FYI. Last week I went to get out of my 99 STS (87000 mi) and the key would not come out. I wiggled and twisted a bit, then I thought OK I'll just leave it and lock the doors with the key fob and get it fixed later. Unfortunately when I came back I found that the lock would not turn either. No start! I pushed, pulled, wiggled the lock and shifter etc. for 1/2 hour before giving up. Called a wrecker, but he couldn't pick it up because it was facing a wall and next to a wall on one side. Didn't want to drag it out in Park. So we cut the cable that goes from the ignition lock to the shifter, put it in Neutral, pushed it out and sent it to the dealer. So far so good. New lock $40. New lock bezel $35. New cable $120!!!! Labor $350. I'm not sure if dragging it would have damaged the tranny, but I sure didn't expect to pay that much for a cable. Like I said, just FYI.


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