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Passive Struts more questions

Vince P

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1994-Seville-147,000 miles

A few pages back there was a reference to the How To Do Files.

The specific reference was for the replacement front Struts with Passive Monroe Struts. This reference gave Monroe Part numbers.

Monroe Struts

For anyone owning a 1992 Cadillac Seville with the ever present STRUT problems, you can buy Monroe Passive Struts for $60.00 each plus installation of approx. $100.00 (for four) at a local shop. Part #'s 71854 & 71801. In addition, the car must be realigned after this procedure. I imagine around $50.00. It sure beats Cadillacs estimated $700.00 (per strut) + and labor and alignment.

Can these Monroe struts be used on a 1994 Seville?

What were these struts originally specified for?

The reason I ask this last question, is because it is easier to order a strut by car model and year. Further, as part numbers change, the car model and year do not.

Vince P

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