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1998 sls headlights, dashboard speakers


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The headlights on my sls are yellowing something awful and they look terrible i was curious if anyone has any good ideas on how to clean them up, or if i should just invest in new headlights. and also the front left speaker in my dashboard is blown and i was wondering what kind of hell am i in for if i want to replace it, am i gonna have to rip the dash out or can i do it from below? any feedback is much appreciated



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For the headlamp covers, Mequiar's Plastix works for me. More than one treatment might be necessary.

Alternative polishing methods involve several applications of various grits of wet sandpaper. Followed by Plastix.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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thanks man preciate it, i bought some blue magic i think thats what it was called headlight cleaner it took the yellow out but the corosion is still there. i found some kits on the internet that involve sandpaper i was thinking about ordering i also saw the meguiars at the store. ill go back and pick it up next time im around auto zone

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