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A/C Problem


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Sometimes my A/C works and sometimes it doesn't. When I do get it to blow out cold air it'll be real crisp and cold for awhile and then get real dull. The others times it will just blow the air around....not hot, not cold. I was told since it works sometimes and not others that it's probably not the freon.

Anybody have any ideas of what is wrong and how I can fix it?

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If the ambient temperature is above 75 F or so, you can assess the refrigerant charge by setting the Climate Control to 60 F and feeling the top of the A/C accumulator (aluminum cannister on the passenger side near the coolant surge tank) while the engine is idling. It should be uncomfortably cold if you hold your palm on it for 5 or more seconds (unless you're Canadian LOL). Also, check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (see the FAQ section).


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