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Interdynamics High Mileage 134a Top Off

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I just though tI would let all the members of this board in on a procedure I did this past afternoon. It took 3 minutes, and my A/C is way cooler than before.

Last year I was going ot buy one of those 134a systems with all the guages, hoses, etc... but got all confused and the A/C wasn't THAT warm yet.

Things are gong to be heating up here in upstate NY, so I picked up a bottle of Interdynamics High Mileage 134a Top Off which was on sale at one of the local parts stores. It is a silver 7oz. can with a blue looking circular top.

I started the car, put the A/C on max, popped the hood, unscrewed the dust cap on the low pressure line (I could tell it was the low pressure line becuae of the large diameter), then shook the can, put it on there for 15 seconds, pulled it off, shook again, then put it on until it was empty. The top off also supposedly contains conditioners, etc for keeping the seals supple, etc.

I ran it around the area, and I can say the A/C is WAY cooler. I only wonder if I needed to put more in there? Either way, I thought you guys could give it a try. I have a 96 Seville STS.

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